Greg Lussier's MILWaukee Road Renslow Trestle

Scale: N
Module size:
Approximately 13 Feet in Length
Milwaukee Road Trestle at Renslow

I am in the very beginning of building this large layout but I feel it is coming along pretty good (especially since its my first time building such a thing). It is the Milwaukee Road's Lines West route from Kittitas WA, to Moses Lake WA. Although I am a BN guy as well as a MILW guy, I decided to say in my little world the BN bought the MILW in 1980. However, the BN operates the MILW as a separate entity. This way I could enjoy both my BN and MILW trains on a fantastic route trough the Saddle Mountains, over the Columbia River, and through small towns such as Kittitas, Othello, Warden, and Moses Lake.

I began building my layout at Milwaukee's Renslow Trestle just outside Kittitas. I built the trestle to scale as best I could using information obtain from various sources and by actually going to the trestle more than once in the summer of 2005 for photos and measurements. What I hope to have completed before summer of 2006 is a total of 3 sections: the trestle and the two sections to the east and west of it. These three sections measure (when put together) about 13 feet long.

My initial plan is to build key scenes to scale while other areas will be reduced due to room size. However, don't despair it will be rather large as I have a lot of ground to cover, including the scale length Beverly Bridge across the Columbia River! (this is the 2006 summer project) I am going to have one huge helper district.

For those hardcore MILW fans: even though I have a liking for both the BN and MILW, you guys will still appreciate the fact that not much is going to change in terms of the looks of the MILW ROW. In fact if you don't see any BN trains on the route, you'd probably still think it was just MILW's Lines West route (except the track will be straight). I am trying to get the best of both worlds here, haha!

I am looking forward to attending the May event and meeting everyone!


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